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These are high quality seedlings from the orchards of renowned persimmon breeder Jerry Lehman. The parent trees consist of some of the best named cultivars as well as specimen from Jerry’s breeding work, much still unnamed. By planting these you are participating in the ongoing breeding and selection work that Jerry dedicated his life to. It should be noted, American Persimmon are dioecious, meaning male and female flowers are born on separate trees. 3-5 or more trees should be planted to ensure proper pollination at maturity.

Check out this interview with Jerry: American Persimmon Breeding & Development with Jerry Lehman

If you end up with a preponderance of males trees, you can always top graft them over to females. And if you end up with no males, you can always graft in a male.

NOTE: These are seedling trees; the sex is undetermined until maturity. Bare root.

Hardiness: Zone 5
Size: Ranges from 30 to 80ft tall depending on site conditions. 15-20ft wide. Prune and train to keep smaller.
Sun: Prefers and thrives in full sun–6-8 hrs. of direct sunlight.
Siting: Persimmon are adapted to a wide range of soil conditions, but thrive in rich soils and are adapted to floodplains and inundated soils as well. They have a deep taproot, so after the initial establishment years, can withstand drier soil types as well.


Shipment will begin at the end of March. We ship USPS Priority and package each box securely so that the trees arrive vibrant and ready to plant. We cannot ship outside of the US.

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