Mountain Run Farm

We’re located on Mountain Run Farm in Sedalia, Virginia, a family farm that primarily produces grass-only beef. Since 2007, the farm has been on the path of ecological restoration, rapidly transitioning from the chemical-industrial agriculture model (corn and hay cultivation, overgrazing, etc) to the Holistic Management model, wherein the animals are managed in a way that mimics nature. Their impact is restoring ecological balance and diversity, increasing carbon content in the soil, improving wildlife habitat, water infiltration, and more.

Mountain Run Permaculture exists at the northwest corner of the farm. Since the fall of 2016, we have been developing a myriad of systems including:

  • No-dig herb and vegetable gardens
  • Hedges
  • Holistic cider apple orchard
  • Small fruits and berries
  • Perennial plant nursery
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Orchard raised pigs
  • Water harvesting
  • Composting
  • Seed-saving and plant breeding
  • Biochar
  • and more!
We are also working with the farm at-large to manage woodlands, plant trees and other perennials into the pasture, improve riparian buffers, maintain hedges, and help improve the overall vitality of the broader landscape.