Permaculture & Edible Landscaping

Merging Organic Farming and Landscape Design

Expanding the practice of regenerative land-use.

By integrating the design techniques and protocols from the realms of permaculture design, holistic management, keyline design, and organic agriculture, our work increases the fertility, water holding capacity, drought-resistance, diversity, habitat and productivity of the landscapes we work with.

We utilize the patterns of nature to design & create regenerative and resilient farms, gardens, and homesteads that:

  • build topsoil
  • increase yields
  • sequester carbon
  • catch and store rainwater
  • increase human and ecological health
  • increase biological diversity
  • create diverse habitats

Allison Angelini

Allison moved to Sedalia, Virginia with her family in 1994. Growing up there on the family farm, which we affectionately call Mountain Run, instilled in her a love for nature and farm life. During college, she sought opportunities to learn about regenerative farming and organic agriculture—volunteering at vegetable farms and market gardens while in school. After college, she earned her Permaculture Design Certificate and went on to work for organic vegetable farmers. She has studied Western herbalism under the guidance of Jim McDonald and Kat Maier, and has a passion for working with children, dancing, growing and making medicine. She also plans Mountain Run Jam, a yearly event held in celebration of agriculture and the arts

Mark Angelini

Mark was born and raised in Southeast Michigan on the outskirts of the Motor City. While he didn’t grow up farming, he fell in love with the lifestyle and work of farming and homesteading after deferring from college. A self proclaimed autodidact, he has spent the majority of his adult life learning from a myriad of teachers and mentors. He first cut his teeth on permaculture design interning with Appleseed Permaculture and Green Phoenix Permaculture in upstate New York. From there he went on to study and practice deeply in the realms of regenerative and organic agriculture, ecological and permaculture design, Western herbalism, ecology, wild foods, traditional woodworking, and fermentation. Aside from his passions for plants, he is an avid woodworker, cider maker, and overall hand-skills enthusiast. He leads consulting and design for Mountain Run Permaculture.

Permaculture at Mountain Run Farm

Mountain Run Permaculture is the out-growth of Mark’s work as co-owner of Roots to Fruits, LLC in his home of Southeast Michigan. After consulting, designing, and building ecological and edible landscapes from 2010-2016 with Roots to Fruits, he and Allison moved to Mountain Run Farm in Sedalia, Virginia. They continue and expand this work from their small corner of the farm, where they are developing a diverse landscape of systems and enterprises from organic cider apples, herbs, and vegetables to livestock, nursery, woodcraft, and herbal products.